Only wrong prefix and then, Broken Edit Voicepack

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Only wrong prefix and then, Broken Edit Voicepack

Postby fs001 » Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:27 am

Hey, I have a EditVoicepack X and I always make phraseology and etc.
I wanted to make TWR_EXIT_RWY, but for a moment I change the name to Exit Runway without under line and I save the EditVoicepack for a moment and close it. When I open it again, there is an eror message just like I preview down here:

The identifier contains an invalid type prefix: EXIT RUNWAY
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.Modification.GetModificationTypeFromFullIdentifier(String fullIdentifier) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\Modification.cs:line 280
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.FileDataMapper.LoadModificationRootElement(XmlReader reader, DataStorage dataStorage) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\FileDataMapper.cs:line 419
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.FileDataMapper.ReadFromXml(DataStorage dataStorage, XmlReader reader, Boolean addToGroups) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\FileDataMapper.cs:line 309
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.FileDataMapper.LoadIfAvailable(DataStorage dataStorage, String[] files) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\FileDataMapper.cs:line 84
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.FileDataMapper.Load(DataStorage dataStorage) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\FileDataMapper.cs:line 51
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.DataModel.DataStorage.Load() in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\DataModel\DataStorage.cs:line 26
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.Client.MainForm.LoadData(AboutWindow aboutWindow) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\Client\MainForm.xaml.cs:line 230
at Bevelstone.EditVoicepack.Client.MainForm.<>c__DisplayClass3.<OnLoaded>b__1(Object syncContext) in D:\Documents\Bevelstone\Flight Simulator\EditVoicepack\Client\MainForm.xaml.cs:line 160
Ny Bruger
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Postby Lars » Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:04 am

This is unfortunately an error in EVP (it should never have allowed the space to be entered).

You MIGHT be able to restore the datafile to the content it had last time you ran Update Voicepack by copying the file
overwriting the file that is already there.
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