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Prepar3D V4

Postby Lars » Tue May 30, 2017 7:08 pm

UPDATE June 3rd:
EditVoicepack 5.4.1 with support for Prepar3D v4 is available here:

Original post:

First the good news:
1) EditVoicepack XL will support Prepar3D v4.
2) There will be no additional charge for the update with Prepar3D v4 support.

Then the not so good news: As usual Lockheed Martin completely forgot to ask me if there release date was convenient for me... so:
3) I cannot commit to a date for delivery - but I do expect the timeframe is counted in weeks, not months.

I am currently performing some extensive changes to the "engine-room" in EditVoicepack - while these changes will not provide many new features right away, they are essential for me to keep my sanity - the core of EditVoicepack is from 2002 - and it shows. :shock:

So basically there are two options:
a) I pause my current development and release 5.3.2 only adding support for P3Dv4
b) I "soldier on" and release a preview of EditVoicepack 6 with P3Dv4 support within a reasonable timeframe - and hopefully not too long after this a full release.

I have not yet determined which it will be - but my current idea is to continue on 6.0 for another week, then do a new "status check" - if I feel I am not close to a 6.0 beta release, I'll do the 5.3.2 release.

Sorry for the delay this will cause - if it was my full time job I could better justify taking out the time to do the 5.3.2 release - but I have limited time available for development of EditVoicepack, so I try to use it as efficiently as possible. And remember, it really is Lockheed Martin's fault for not clearing the release date with me. :)
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Re: Prepar3D V4

Postby Faelandaea » Wed May 31, 2017 3:21 am

Thank you so much for this updated information. I look forward to the update.
Ny Bruger
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Re: Prepar3D V4

Postby pracines » Wed May 31, 2017 5:24 pm

It is amazing when we use something so often, and at times like these we discover (once again) how great it actually is. Editvoicepack is in the top 5 of the first add-ons to install in a flight sim for me.

Thank you so much Lars for editvoicepack!

Ny Bruger
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