Cannot install 5.5.9

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Cannot install 5.5.9

Postby Nytro » Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:02 pm


When im installing Editvoicepack XL 5.5.9 it says "installation successful" but the files are not there in the installation folder. That means I cannot use Editpack XL. As well there is no link in the start menu. Under control panel it does say it is installed tho, I can repair installation but nothing changes. No files at all. Please check the install routine there must be something wrong. Right click "run as admin" helps nothing. I did a clean install, no previous version of Editvoicepack XL is installed.

Windows 10 x64...

I dont have a virus program or security suite installed. Windows Defender is completely switched off. So no Anti Virus program or else can affect the installation.

What I checked already:
- sfc scannow --> no errors
- changed install folder manually -> no files there
- uninstalled --> reinstalled with admin rights --> no luck still no files in the install folder.

Greets Nytro
Ny Bruger
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Re: Cannot install 5.5.9

Postby Lars » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:24 am

Please try the suggestions on this page:

If this does not resolve the issue please let me know.
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