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Postby wolfordt » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:37 pm

The callsign ICE AIR is not used by ATC or pilots even though it is in the list of call signs. Can this be fixed? I am using the P3D4.2.

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Postby Lars » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:40 pm

ICE AIR is one of the original callsigns that is available even without EditVoicepack.

So the first step would be assigning ICE AIR as your own callsign (remember to enter a flight number), set up an IFR flight and verify if ICE AIR is used. If it isn't used, do they say something else, or is it just left out?

If it works for your own aircraft, but not for AI traffic it is most likely a configuration issue for one or more AI aircrafts.

I recommend opening the Advanced UI in EditVoicepack. Then select the node "My Modifications/Telephony Designators/Missing Telephony Designators". Then check the list to see if there is something that should be ICE AIR (for example "ICEAIR", "ICE" or similar). When looking at one of the missing callsigns, you can click the little folder icon (or the path displayed next to it) to open it in Explorer for a close look.
If this is not sufficient to find it, hopefully you can locate one of the aircrafts that should use the callsign and open the airlines.cfg file manually from Windows Explorer. You sould then check the the specific paint has the line:
atc_airline=ICE AIR
without anything additional on the line.
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